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With summer approaching, KOR is getting ready to release the brand's first footwear product.  The first opportunity to purchase a pair will be at the Newbury pop up.  Make sure to stay on the look out because the date will be dropping very soon.

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We urge everyone to join our mailing list to be the first to get any news involving KOR.  Upcoming events, item releases, early access, exclusive offers and even a sneak peek is what to expect once you join.  Just head over to our site, scroll to the bottom and join now.

Summer '18

With summer being right around the corner, Kingdom of Royal has given the people something to keep and eye out for.  Newbury, more details to come.

The After Hour (Season 2)

Check out Boston's newest late night show "The After Hour" hosted by Rob Lew. The show touches on a lot of areas, from social topics to never before told stories from their guests. Head over to check out Season 2, Episode 1 here. Make sure to follow The After Hour on Instagram @TheAfterHour.tv.

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